Qatar confirms in 2020 its leadership in LNG exports

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Qatar confirms in 2020  its leadership in LNG exports
March 03, 2021

Rotterdam, 03/03/2021

Subject: Qatar confirms in 2020 its leadership in LNG exports

The Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is defined by the standard UNI EN ISO 14532 as "A complex mixture of hydrocarbons composed primarily of methane, but which generally includes significantly less ethane, propane and higher hydrocarbons and non-combustible gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide". This means that natural gas is not synonymous with methane but has much of its chemical-physical characteristics.

In 2020, Qatar confirmed its position as the world’s leading exporter of LNG, with Australia, however, closing the gap and undermining the supremacy, despite the global market has slowed significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Refinitiv, during the 2020 global commerce of liquified natural as has regarded a total volume of 362 million tons, 1.2% more than in 2019, but compared to the previous year (the increase was 11.6%) and to the 2018 (9.1%) sounds like a setback. A growth of just one percentage point therefore constitutes a sharp slowdown of the long-term trend for LNG, whose demand has been affected - like that of all other energy commodities - by the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the effects of lockdown measures.

Not all the areas of the world, however, have shown the same dynamics: in Asia, in fact, the question of which liquified natural gas is stable, with the Chinese imports that are increased of 11.1% (to 67,1 million tons) regarding 2019; Taiwan has recorded a +7.7% (17,6 million tons) and India with a +12.9% (25,3 million tons). Stable instead the South Korea, with a +0.5% (40,6 million tons), while the imports of LNG of Japan (- 2.3% to 74,6 million tons) and of the European Union (- 6.6% to 62,7 million tons are dropped). In terms of LNG supply, Qatar in 2020 confirmed itself as the world’s leading exporter with 77,6 million tons, the same volume as in 2019, but Australia is always closer having exported 77,3 million tons of liquefied gas, with an increment of 0.6% regarding the year precedence. Is strongly increased the American export, with 48,3 million tons (+31.9%), while the volumes exported from Russia (- 2.3% to 27,9 million tons) and from the South East Asia is decreased (- 5.6% to 45,4 million tons are dropped).


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